Chicks like tech, too

Written by Brett Thomas

August 3, 2006 | 14:37

Tags: #technology #women

Some days, you just have to wonder why tests like these are done. But the results are in...are you looking to get your girl a nice birthday present? Skip that Tiffany necklace, and go for the 42" plasma TV. Marketing firm TRU, in a study aired by the female-targetted cable network Oxygen, has found that more than three out of every four women (77%, in fact) would rather have that TV than diamonds.

To many geeks, this seems like women are finally catching up to the pragmatic, three-LCD-screens-at-all-times guys. But guess what? The study further shows that they've already caught up. The proverbial 'better half' is way more into tech than most men think, and the implications could bring the diamond market to its knees. Well, not really, but you get the point.

Some results:
  • Women own, on average, 6.6 electrical 'gadget' devices, compared to the male average of 6.9.
  • Over 80% of women say they feel very comfortable with new technologies when they come out.
  • Almost half of the 1,400 women surveyed perform their own computer troubleshooting.
  • More than 50% of women would rather have that TV offered above than a weekend romantic getaway to Florida.
  • 86% would rather have a new digital video camera than a pair of designer shoes.
So the next time you're wondering what to buy that special lady in your life, be romantic. Stop talking carats, and start talking megapixels.

Got a thought on the finding? Let us know your next romantic plan in our forums. But please, we don't want to hear what you'll do with that digital camera.
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