Civilisation VI announced in new trailer

Written by Jake Tucker

May 11, 2016 | 16:49

Tags: #2k #sid-meier

Companies: #firaxis

The sultry smooth tones of Sean Bean have announced another Civilisation game. Civilisation VI will be with us on the 21st October 2016, which is actually quite close.

The announcement kind of came out of nowhere, but is great for people who were left a little cold by Civilisation: Beyond Earth. I'm currently caught between several different big strategy games, and it's looking like that'll be continuing. It seems like PC Gamer had the scoop on this, and they have tons of information on the game here that i'd really recommend checking out.

The most interesting part of the article, for me at least, is that the team are resistant to the idea of a meta. They don't like the fact that V produced certain strong options and want to make the game more replayable, with more scope to try out new ideas. It also seems like research is going to be more active than before, and that Cities will be bigger, with more focus on the individual districts of a city instead of the complete entity.

Watch the trailer, it's a bit overblown but at least Sean Bean doesn't die in it.

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