Could you soon insure your iTunes?

Written by Brett Thomas

September 11, 2006 | 20:30

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Have you ever had a failure that required you to re-download lots of stuff, but couldn't find your registration codes anymore? Or have you tried downloading gigabytes worth of music off of your purchaser of choice, like iTunes, to find out they won't let you pull your music down again for another X days? It appears a solution to this and other problems of the digital download are being rectified by a few US insurers.

Nationwide is the first company to ever cover digital downloads as part of its standard homeowner's policy, which covers other things that normally reside in your home from theft, loss, or breakage. As more and more of our entertainment, productivity, and general lives move digital, the more it has become important to not just insure the computer, but to insure the data on it. Since we're moving away slowly from physical media, there have been times where insurance coverage has simply not caught up - most policies only cover CDs or DVDs.

It's certainly a valid argument, and one that hopefully other providers both in the US and in Europe will begin to pick up. Even for digital content that is re-downloadable (which not all of it is, at least conveniently), you can't always protect yourself from a lost or compromised password, or missing registration code. Though it wouldn't be worth making a claim for your 10 songs, a few hundred gigs of movies and music (along with the hard drive that they resided on) might be worth your while.

Personally, for someone who has a tremendous amount of software on a Pocket PC, this is a wonderful feature. Half the time, I can't find my reg codes...if someone were to steal it, I'd end up rebuying much of the software along with my x51v. Do you have a thought on the change? Or do you see this as a fruitless thing that increases insurance costs? Let us know in our forums.
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