Crysis: Warhead detailed

Written by Joe Martin

June 5, 2008 | 14:38

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Electronic Arts and CryTek have finally revealed some preliminary information on the recent announced Crysis: Warhead - and the news may shock a few of you who were waiting for something extraordinary.

Mainly because you aren't going to get it here.

Speaking to Eurogamer briefly, CryTek boss Cevat Yerli outlined what Warhead is exactly and confirmed a few of the rumours that are currently circulating.

It turns out that rather than the next game in the series, Crysis: Warhead is a standalone expansion pack for the original game which, much like the original Half-Life expansions, will tell the same story as the original game but do it through the eyes of another character. In this case, that character is the British Sergeant, Psycho.

The expansion will feature new weapons and vehicles over the original Crysis and will be the first game to be released from CryTek's Budapest studio, who are also aiming to introduce new multiplayer content to the game.

Expected to hit shelves this Autumn, CryTek has also confirmed that Warhead will be a PC exclusive title, despite rumours that a console release was also planned.

"With Warhead, we are focusing on refining our storytelling and game performance, while also delivering more of the visually stunning graphics and immersive, free-roaming gameplay everyone loved in Crysis," said Cevat.

Glad that the game is PC exclusive after all, or were you hoping for a Xbox 360 version instead? Let us know in the forums.
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