Dell CTO to retire

November 13, 2008 | 13:38

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Change is afoot at box shifter Dell with the news that the current chief technology officer at the company is due to retire in the next few months.

According to CNet, Kevin Kettler's decision to step down from his role at the company is nothing to do with company-wide reorganisation but simply a desire to concentrate on family life and some of his local activities around his home in Austin, Texas.

Dell's David Frink confirmed the departure, stating that “[Kettler] wants to take time to focus on his family and his many other varied interests beyond Dell,” but kept mum on the subject of his replacement at the firm. Kettler has worked for the firm since staring at the workstation division back in 1996.

Kettler won't be bored without his Dell responsibilities, though: with the charitable foundation he co-founded, his investments in a music television station, and involvements in a local wine bar, it's fair to say he's got plenty to keep him busy throughout his retirement.

Although Kettler's opinions on technology weren't always popular – especially when it came to somewhat overstated opinions regarding Vista's popularity in businesses – he made some shred decisions in his time at Dell, including the backing of Blu-Ray over HD-DVD during the early days of the format wars.

Whether Dell – back under the auspices of founder Michael Dell – will take the opportunity to get some fresh blood in the CTO role and shake up a stagnant market with some brave technology decisions, or whether the company will play it safe by appointing a long-time company man who wants to stick to shifting boring boxes, remains to be seen.

Do you believe that Dell should take the opportunity to bring in new blood, or is one man – even if that man happens to be the CTO – just not enough to make the company 'sexy' enough for you? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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