Dell launches Green Store

June 23, 2010 | 10:14

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If you're all about reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your environmental impact to a minimum, but really need a new laptop, perhaps Dell's latest marketing technique bears a look: the Green Store.

First spotted by the guys over at eco-blog GoodCleanTech, the one-stop storefront is designed to showcase all Dell's products that the company categorises as 'green' - although, as we're talking about laptops and desktops that often feature not-inconsiderable quantities of nasty chemicals, this distinction is somewhat relative.

Concerns aside, Dell has certainly tried to live up to the Green Store's tag-line of "Technology Made Responsible" - even to the point of stocking products from third parties such as Belkin, Netgear, Sony, and Targus - although the focus is obviously on Dell own-brand systems.

All the machines featured have at least one third-party certification to prove their green credentials - things like EnergyStar and EPEAT - while Dell claims to be selection the devices based on energy efficiency, the use of hazardous materials, and the ultimate recyclability when you eventually grow tired of your new toy and come back for something shinier.

Speaking of recycling, Dell has also announced a global recycling programme in which they will accept old Dell machines back for safe recycling at any time - even if you're not buying a new machine. While in the EU Dell is governed by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive - which requires retailers of electrical hardware to accept old machines for recycling when newer units are purchased - this world-wide programme goes beyond the legally-mandated minimum.

Are you pleased to see that Dell is offering green consumers more choice, or is the Green Store nothing more than lip-service to eco-friendliness? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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