Digital Economy Act appeal denied

Written by Harry Butler

June 22, 2011 | 13:48

Tags: #digital-economy #piracy

Companies: #bt #parliament

ISPs BT and Talk Talk have had an application of appeal against their unsuccessful legal challenge of the Digital Economy Act denied, effectively ending the fight against the implementation of the controversial legislation.

Back in April High Court judge Justice Kenneth Parker threw out four of the five claims made by the ISPs as reasons that the bill was unenforceable and today Judge Richard Buxton refused the application for appeal against the ruling.

This now paves the way for the deployment of the bill's legislation, which threatens to cut off pirates of copyrighted material by monitoring and processing user's internet data. The bill was pushed through parliament in the final days of the Labour government in April 2010, causing consternation amongst internet users for the low MP turn-out and lack of scrutiny.

The government now has plans to send thousands of warning letters to accused internet pirates as soon as early 2011, with full implementation following later in 2011 across all ISPs.

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