Don't Starve Together hits full release

Written by Jake Tucker

April 25, 2016 | 12:39

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Companies: #indie #klei-entertainment

After nearly a year and a half in early access, Klei’s cooperative survive-em-up Don’t Starve Together is hauling itself free of Early Access and has made it to a full release.

The co-op standalone ships with the Reign of Giants expansion and a handful of new features, in addition to the new playable Maxwell, the all around nice guy that you might recognise as the person who advises people to start gathering food at the start of the original Don’t Starve.

He’s joined by a bunch of new craftable firepit cosmetics for you to strut your survival stuff, in addition to a stack of bug fixes. Don’t Starve Together will run you to £7.36 or $10.04 right now due to some fancy introductory pricing.

So, what’s next? Klei have mentioned that now they want to focus on the multiplayer focussed Through the Ages and are excited to be working on new content again rather than aiming for content parity. Through The Ages will be focussing on the evolution of certain worlds over longer periods of time, and about getting more variation between different worlds.

I’ve always quite enjoyed the original, despite it being my least favourite Klei game. The idea of playing it with co-operative seems like a solid idea. Maybe I can convince Rick to have a go with me.

Oh, before I forget, here's a launch trailer.

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