E3 version 2.0

Written by Brett Thomas

November 3, 2006 | 15:19

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It's dead...no, it's alive! It's a zombie!

Or, it's just run by a different group now. The soil hasn't even been tamped down on the grave of E3, and already there is a new Expo to take its place. International Data Group (IDG), a company that manufactures a wealth of publications, is starting a new gaming expo known as the GamePro Expo.

Fortunately, IDG isn't just flying blind in trying to recreate the feel of the old E3. The company has picked up quite a few bodies that previously helped to run E3, which should provide a striking similarity between the convention of old and the one that will be coming out. In fact, the industry expects that it will most likely be E3 all over again, only now the date has been shifted to mid-October instead of mid-May.

GameSpot interviewed the VP of Convention Sales at the Los Angeles Convention Center to confirm the news. " "I am absolutely convinced this show will be as big as E3," he said. We hope he means the old version - the new, stripped down E3 will be in Santa Monica from July 11th-13th by invite only.

The conference is tentatively scheduled to run from October 18th-20th, 2007. Don't go packing the caravan just yet, though - much like E3, this will likely be for industry members only.

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