EVGA: We are 110 percent Nvidia

August 4, 2008 | 14:13

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After chasing EVGA for comment first thing this morning regarding a previous newspost we've finally got a statement from EVGA Co-Founder and Managing Director GmbH, Hans-Wolfram Tismer:

"We have absolutely no plans at this time to make ATI products," he firmly stated, continued by "EVGA has a very strong link to Nvidia"

Mr. Tismer stated AMD was merely making a political statement given its more competitive market position, and that turning down EVGA, which owns a claimed 60 percent of the US retail market, was ludicrous.

Reaffirming a question bit-tech put to AMD last Friday evening - he claimed it would be AMD's biggest ever PR coup to secure such a pro-Nvidia partner. AMD's previous response to bit-tech on this question was that it had turned down EVGA because it considered eight partners enough and didn't want to upset the relationship between itself and them.

This is certainly plausible given the fact EVGA's 10 year/lifetime warranty and highly regarded support would have eclipsed that of any AMD partner - something our own community has voiced quite substantially.

EVGA didn't deny that as one of many Nvidia partners it had been squeezed by the current market, however it had no plans to diversify given its current position, possibly endangering its relationship.

Well there you have it - the industry is clearly very sensitive at the moment with political mutters that should only get ever more intense in the next few weeks when IDF and Nvision kick off.

Who was telling the truth? Is anyone? - AMD? EVGA? Nvidia? Intel? Joe? (Hey! - Joe) Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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