FireFox hits 10%

Written by Wil Harris

April 7, 2006 | 09:54

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According to research firm Net Applications, FireFox now has over 10% of the browser market.

FireFox's share was at 10.05% in March, up from 9.75% in February. Safari now has 3.19% and IE consumes almost all of the rest with 84.7% of all browsers used being Microsoft.

Interestingly, IE has lost 3.89% and FireFox has gained 3.34%, meaning that the open source browser has directly impacted on Microsoft's offering. Net Applications suggests that users are waiting for IE7 and that this is also having an effect.

Opera has a tiny 0.54% and Netscape has 1.05%.

With FireFox 2.0 on the way, can the popular browser take even more market from Microsoft? What are your experiences of using FireFox across the web - are most sites you visit compatible? Let us know what you think over in the forums.

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