First 320GB 2.5" HDD on the way

Written by Phil Cogar

August 22, 2007 | 17:08

Tags: #hard-disk-drive

Companies: #toshiba

Fitting all of your media onto your laptop is now set to become a little bit easier after the announcement of the world's first 320GB notebook drive. Currently, you can only find 2.5" HDDs in variations up to 250GB.

Toshiba Storage Device Division announced a new line of 5,400 RPM HDDs that will vary in capacities from 80GB up to 200GB in the MK-46GSX and MK-52GSX series. These new drives will sport 120GB and 160GB-per-platter technologies, respectively, and will use the Serial ATA interface with a 3.0Gbps data transfer rate.

If a 5,400 RPM HDD just isn't right for you, you can go with the new, high-end MK-49GSY series that features capacities up to 200GB at 7,200 RPM. These faster RPM drives will have a 895.9Mbps media transfer rate as opposed to the 801Mbps and 759Mbps media transfer rates of the MK-52-GSX and MK-46GSX lines.

All three families will have free-fall sensor options available on select models.

As digital distribution becomes an increasingly popular way to get your media, is this truly enough space to hold your favourite TV shows when you're on the go? How many of you still think that you still just won't have enough storage capacity on your laptop? Let us know how much more room you need over in the forums or in the comments box below.
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