Forum Roundup - 11th May 2007

Written by bit-tech Staff

May 11, 2007 | 18:54

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As always, there are plenty of great threads going on in bit-tech's forums. It's free to join and if you haven't already joined our 31,500-strong community, you can register here and join in our discussions.

Earlier this morning we rolled out a few visual tweaks and some added functionality to the bit-tech site design. There's a good discussion going on about the design in our feedback forum. If you've got some thoughts on the tweaks, let us know!

While on the subject of design, we're also in the process of redesigning our forums - if you've got Photoshop skills, you might be able to make some great contributions to our community in this thread.

In our hardware forum, Mother-Gooser asks "What happened to the Logitech G7?". If you're feeling helpful this Friday, why not pop into our Tech Support forum and help a bit-techer out: Xavierthefirst is having artifacting problems with his graphics card - can you help him?

Thinking of painting your case? There's some great resources in this thread. If you've got any tips and tricks that aren't covered in the thread, why not share them with your fellow bit-techers?

crazydeep74 asks "Are we too connected?" It's certainly a good question and there has been some great discussion on the topic so far - why not share your thoughts on the matter too?

One of the most heated discussions in our SD forum this week was news that Gumball 3000 had been cancelled after a fatal road accident involving one of the cars. What are your thoughts on the rally? Should it be banned, or is what they're doing acceptable?

Have you had a play with Joost yet? If you're looking for an invite, sammo1999 has an "unlimited" amount that he is giving away to bit-tech forum members.

The new Forza 2 demo is available for download on Xbox Live - have you tried it out yet? If you have, why not join our Forza 2 discussion? General opinion appears to be divided at the moment, with some loving the game, while others think the game is lacking in the graphics department. While on the subject of gaming the first beta of Perfect Dark: Source is out - if you've had chance to play it, let us know what you think in this thread.

Finally, have you had a bad experience in an online multiplayer game? Tell us about it here.

There are many more discussion topics in our forums, so why not come and join us?
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