Forum Roundup - 28th April 2007

April 28, 2007 | 15:16

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Web 2.0? Pah, bit-tech's forum has roots, heritage and a decidedly more intelligent community! If you're not one of the 31,000+ members then you're missing out. Here are some highlights from what's going on inside, and remember registration is free so come in and have a say!

Let us know! Got a question about the site or forums, just drop us a line in the feedback forum.

Want to know what the hell the picture is about and who Relix is? Check here and join the fun.

bit-tech needs your Photoshop skills! Apply them here.


SHED Comp?

Making your own USB LCD controller, an oldie but certainly worth a read if you enjoy an electronics challenge.

Custom Thumbscrew Guide: Simple, and highly effective.

Metal Bending Guide: Highly informative for budding modders.


Got a beef with product quality? Does Q.C. exist anymore? Vent here.

Let us know your AMD vCore overclock.

Help a brother out in our Tech Support forum. What do you do when a computer keeps 'cycling' after swapping graphics cards?


A question to end all questions for RTS fans: Supreme Commander or C&C3?

Thinking of buying yourself an X360? Read the all inclusive FAQ!


What have you been listening to and reckon others should as well? Let us know!


Fancy an American Muscle car? Oh. Yes. Please. It even has pictures of the Mustang now owned by our moderator Pook.


2GB of DDR2-800 for £69?

Microsoft Office 2007 for £18!
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