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May 4, 2005 | 17:09

Tags: #black-narcissus #watercool

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What a wonderful sunny afternoon we have here in the UK today. That's not stopping the forums being as busy as ever though - maybe everyone is out sitting in the garden using WiFi?

There's plenty of worthy reading in our Project Logs Forums. Two that really stand out today are the Cheiftech Dremel Assault by [WP@]WOLVERINE - this guy has some immense dremel skills! There's also an update to the very popular Black Narcissus project by modsquad. I love this project, and really can't wait to see it finished in all of it's glory. It's well worth giving the whole project log a read to see just how much work has gone in to it!

Got a Home Theatre PC? Share your thoughts on the best choice of remote for Windows XP Media Center Edition. How about telling us the best video card you've ever owned? Let us know in our Video Card forum. The number of forum members that are moving towards watercooling is quite fantastic, and there have been some great case mods based around watercooling setups. Getting the right fittings for your setup is often overlooked, share your thoughts in the Extreme Cooling forum.

Earlier today we posted some news of more Xbox 2 pictures - are there more leaked pictures in our Gaming Forum? Are they fake? Let us know what you think!

The modding fanatics are discussing our latest article - our roundup from the World Cyber Games European Modding Show at CeBit 2005.

A quick Happy Birthday wish to our top News Editor, Jason Cundall, who most of you probably know as the GreatOldOne - don't forget to drop your birthday wishes here. While we're in General Discussion, we've got our very own soap opera going on right now - some funny stuff that's well worth a read. Just make sure you hold on to your sides!

Finally, as you know, we've got a new look website, so drop your thoughts in the Official New Design Thread. If you spot a bug, let us know.

There are plenty more threads in our forums, so sign up and get involved in one of the best computer hardware & case modding forums on the web.
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