11 percent of gamers have unopened games

Written by Joe Martin

October 29, 2008 | 13:45

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You'll have to chalk this news story up under 'matter of mild interest' rather than 'exclusive and amazing news story', but what the hell. According to recent survey figures, around 11 percent of gamers have games that they still haven't opened after six months.

The news comes from Gamasutra, who have reported that according to figures from the NPD sales-tracking group, around 11 percent of gamers have games that they haven't opened after six months.

The survey was of 562 gamers and a game was counted as unopened if the player still hadn't taken the cellophane off within six months of buying it.

Personally, we tend to play our games as soon as we get them and there's nothing we love more than ripping off that shrink-wrapped plastic and cracking open a brand new DVD jewel case.

So, we have to admit that we're a little bit curious why someone would buy a game and then never even open it. Even if you didn't like the game then you'd have to open it, right?

Do you have a small collection of unopened games on your shelves, or do you like to collect rare and unusual games and keep them in pristine condition? Let us know in the forums.
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