£149 Wii on November 24

Written by Wil Harris

September 8, 2006 | 10:40

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Companies: #christmas

MCV claims that the Nintendo Wii will be available in Europe on November 24 and will cost a princely £149.

Citing exclusive sources, the report claims that there will be plentiful stock available to avoid shortages. It has been known that Nintendo has been manufacturing the Wii, which uses fairly simple and readily available hardware components, for some months already.

Nintendo's official press conference on the matter kicks off next Thursday in the US and Japan, whilst British press chaps (including us) will be at the European conference in London on the Friday.

If the Wii is readily available at Christmas, and the PS3 is nowhere to be seen, we can foresee a lot of people cashing in and spending their next-gen console money on either a Wii or 360. We're going to be queueing up for ours!

£149 seems like a good price. Do you agree? Give us your thoughts in the forums.
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