180 PS3s stolen in Japan

Written by Brett Thomas

December 6, 2006 | 15:21

Tags: #ps3

A note from the News Desk: This story has been modified to reflect some new information.

The madness continues - after robberies, muggings, shootings and tramplings on launch day, the PS3 continues to make headlines thanks to notorious entrepeneurs. This time, some slick guys with sticky fingers nabbed 180 units from a Japanese warehouse.

The consoles were stolen from the Meitetsu transport company's Ibaraki warehouse in Naka City, where they were being housed before going en-route to retailers. Few details have been released about the incident aside from the company and the fact that it happened overnight on December 5th.

If you figure that the units will likely end up on auctions like ebay, where prices are between $800 and $1,200 USD per console, the theft has a street value of approximately $144,000-216,000 USD.

Such a theft is not likely to stop at ebay charges, however. The number of units stolen puts a pretty steep dent in availability if you were one of the people budgeted to receive them. The final destination for the consoles (US or Japan) has so far remained unreleased, so which market will be affected more is still undetermined. But hey, at least nobody died this time.

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