1 billion points in Geometry Wars?

Written by Ryan Garside

December 8, 2006 | 09:23

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Popular Xbox Live game, Geometry Wars, can be pretty addictive. Tasking you with the simple, monotonous, yet hypnotic job of flying a small spacecraft in a square box destroying anything and everything that comes near you. Gamers have been known to spend hours and hours trying to improve their score but now it's being taken to the next level.

One (insane) gamer, who goes by the alias K4rn4ge, plans to turn his addiction into a Guinness World Record and is aiming at getting 1 billion points in the game.

To put that in perspective the current high score (which he also holds) stands at 360,360,600. To reach that score it took the dedicated gamer 30 hours. The score puts him 58 million points ahead of his nearest rival (top 10 highest scores below) and leaves him with only one goal to aim for – the billion point score.

To achieve that Joystiq reckons the Geometry Wars lunatic will have to play the game for 90 hours. Endurance gaming pushed to the limits!

If you want to find out more about K4rn4ge there’s an interview over on thexboxdomain, this answer particularly disturbed me:

What is the weirdest message or comment you've received from someone?

Some guy sent me a message saying that I was his geometry wars idol and he wants to make a shrine for me and collect a piece of my hair! Um…Yeah.

Below is the top 10 current high scores taken from Bizzare Online:
    1. K4rn4ge - 360,360,600

    2. EckoWll - 302,255,185

    3. YourExWife - 285,124,935

    4. Another Joe - 246,146,970

    5. BigDaddy21 - 197,861,585

    6. Spear of Lament - 140,616,805

    7. Milkmanjb - 115,292,730

    8. BillyBlaze314 - 101,110,815

    9. Almighty Ein - 101,094,390

    10. Striker - 89,319,900
Check out the Youtube video of him in action. By the time he has got to this stage the computer can't actually throw anything more extreme at him. Here it's just a case of him going through the slog of just building up his points.

Think you could get in that top 10? Would you even want to be on that list? Let us know what you think of Geometry Wars in the forum.
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