3.2 million Wiimotes recalled

Written by Ryan Garside

December 15, 2006 | 10:32

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Story update: Since writing this morning, Nintendo has announced that there is no recall in place, merely that concerned Wii users can get some thicker, more robust wrist straps if they want some.

New Wiis will be shipped with the new straps from hereon in.

Here's the info you need to contact Nintendo if you want to replace your wrist strap, courtesy of forum member BioSniper:

UK residents should contact the Nintendo Service Centre

Phone: 0870 6060247 (National Rate)

Email: wiiwriststrap@codestorm.co.uk

Address: Wii Wrist Strap, Nintendo Service Centre, CoDEStorm House, Walton Road, Farlington, PO6 1TR

Wii owners outside the UK should visit the Nintendo website for country specific information

Original story: Nintendo is recalling 3.2 million Wiimotes, reports emerged this morning. The controller, and specifically the strap snapping, has been involved in a number of accidents which has resulted in injury and damaged property.

On top of this recall, Nintendo also wants 200k DS and DS Lite AC adapters sent back. The Wiimote recall will affect the whole world, whereas the DS Lite adapter recall only affects Japan. What that means is if you’ve got a Wii, then Nintendo wants your controller back. There’s no information on how to return the Wiimote as of yet and in all honesty this is probably just a precautionary move by Nintendo to try to stem the lawsuits that are heading their way after all of the injuries and accidents. Will most people send their Wiimotes back? No.

Wii accidents have inspired the website www.wiihaveaproblem.com. The site is a blog filled with reports of people smashing windows, lamps, and other valuable items. Here is an amusing extract from the site:

I was sitting in the bedroom of our apartment while my girlfriend and her friend were playing Wiisports in the livingroon. Not a problem, right? Wrong. Lets just keep it simple. Booze + lightweight girls + Wii tennis = a problem. Her friend swung the Wiimote way too hard for a serve...even missed the ball on the screen...but managed to make contact with...well, I think you'll be able to tell by the pics!"

Since the announcement on the BBC a Nintendo spokesperson has told Eurogamer that this is not in fact a recall and that the straps are perfectly safe. They say the current Wiimote is: "perfectly safe and has passed all the required safety tests". All a bit confusing at the moment - why offer to replace something if it is perfectly safe?

An embarrassing episode for Nintendo, which will taint yesterday’s triumphant announcement that they had sold 325k Wii’s. Will you be sending your Wiimote back? Let us know in the forums.
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