60GB Xbox 360 unveiled

Written by Joe Martin

July 14, 2008 | 11:14

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Microsoft has officially unveiled the new Xbox 360 SKU, confirming rumours which have been circling for the past week or so about a new 60GB variant of the standard Xbox 360.

The new SKU will ship with a 60GB hard drive included and will sell for $349 USD, or £179 GBP depending on where you want to buy it.

This new 60GB model will on on sale in the US and Canada early this coming August and will phase out the current 20GB model, production of which is now ceasing. The 20GB model will be reduced to $299 USD (£151 GBP) to help shift boxes while stocks last.

Microsoft will be bundling the new 60GB model with a wireless gamepad, a wired headset and a one-month subscription to xbox Live. The new 60GB model will also ship with an HDMI port.

"We know consumers need more and more space to store the amazing digital content Xbox 360 offers, and we're giving it to them at no extra charge," said Microsoft's Albert Penello, Xbox director of product management.

"No one device offers the depth and breadth of entertainment that Xbox 360 can deliver, and now you'll have three times the storage to manage all that great content."

Shipping dates for the new model in Europe are yet to be announced, but Microsoft is expected to offer details in a press conference at E3 later today. Until then you can let us know your thoughts and predictions in the forums.
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