"Bully" trailer online - critics crying out for ban

Written by Ryan Garside

August 11, 2006 | 12:04

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The backlash from Bully has been huge with both Jack Thompson from the US, and Keith Vaz, a Labour MP, both pushing movements to get the game banned before it's even released. However, Rockstar have replied by releasing a trailer for the game that portrays it in a far different light to that which you may have expected.

First up; Jack Thompson has taken part in a live television debate about the game, which you can download from Youtube here. Thomspon spent his air time boasting about his previous victories against games publishers, and condemning Rockstar for the Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto. However, after admitting to having never played or even seen the game being played his arguments fortunately looked quite weak.

On this side of the ocean the politicians are also sharpening their swords. Vaz, who represents the Leicester East constituency, based his objections on a psychological study from January, suggested there was a link between exposure to violent images, the desensitization from playing computer games and their own aggressive behaviour. The MP claimed earlier this year that:

"The implications of the research are far-reaching. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that children are not exposed to games that will diminish their sensitivity to violence."

Despite the fact that the protestors haven't even played the game yet 51 MPs have signed a petition to ban Bully.

Rockstar are yet to release an official statement - however the latest trailer, which you can watch over at IGN, points the game in a very different direction. My initial impressions were that it looks more like a hard line version of Harry Potter, set in a modern day school, without the magic. Others have compared the game to Just William, the novel series from the 1920's about a prank loving school boy. From the recently released trailer that sounds like a fair description.

What do you think about Jack Thompson's rant? What are your initial impressions on the Bully trailer? Discuss the Bully controversy further over in the forums.
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