Counter-strike: Source changes released

Written by Ryan Garside

August 25, 2006 | 10:19

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After reporting that CS would undergo a major gameplay update last week, the change has now been made. We tried it out and here are our opinions:

Firstly the new radar, although very odd at first, it does in fact work. It is square in design and gives the user the outline of the map that they are navigating, rather than the plain green circle of old. On top of that change, whenever an opponent is killed or spotted, they pop up on the radar - the implication is that when fire fights break out outside of your field of vision you can check the radar and have an idea which way to turn to face the battle.

The Counter-strike: Source community has been divided over the new changes; however my initial feeling is that the change won't make that much difference. Perhaps it will make the game more n00b friendly, as many new CS players often ignore the radar. It also improves the game from an aesthetic point of view, the previous radar being a little bit plain and boring with the new one adding an extra level of detail.

The second change will affect Source TV. The program used by thousands of people to watch the big, professional Counter-strike matches has undergone an update. Source TV has had quite a few substantial changes, now spectators can view gun models and the freedom to choose your own line of sight. The promotion of eSports as spectator event is edging forwards, albeit fairly slowly.

To get the upgrade just boot up your Steam account and away you go, after you've tried it out jump back into our forums and let us know what you think.

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