Drive-by shooting at PS3 queue

Written by Ryan Garside

November 16, 2006 | 15:44

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As if you weren't sick of hearing about the PS3 already, more news is filtering through. Not only are people standing in absolutely ridiculous lines all across the US to get their hands on one, it's not just that eBay has banned all sales of Playstation 3 in the UK until February, it's actually far more shocking than that. People have been shot, in a drive-by, whilst waiting for a PS3.

Not just any old people either. One of the four people hit in the drive-by was news reporter for WYKT (go to the WYKT site to get the news video). Elizabeth Dorsett was reporting on the massive queues that had built up when a car drove past and fired BB's into the crowd. Two of the people camping out for a Playstation 3 packed up their tents and went home after the shooting, stating that: "A Playstation 3 just isn't worth getting shot over."

Tell that to the droves of people who are queuing up to get their hands on the PS3 in the videos below. It appears a lot of people are viewing the Playstation 3 as an opportunity to make money with one chap claiming he was planning on making $2,000 on eBay once he'd got his hands on it. He's no doubt correct in this assumption; with Christmas on the horizon parents will be desperate to get their hands on the Foreman-alike entertainment machine.

eBay has reacted to this in the UK though, with Eurogamer reporting that the auction site has banned all sales of Playstation 3s in the UK until February 2007. Even then sellers will only be allowed to sell one of the item, the order will have to be dispatched within the EU and will require a genuine picture to prove the sale is not a hoax. Eurogamer actually goes on to provide a link to show that you can buy a PS3 if you're using eBay in the UK. Fancy spending a cool £1,000 then head on over.

Is the PS3 really worth all this fuss? How much would you spend on one? Would you risk getting shot? Give us your answers in the forums.

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