FPS: The Play premieres in San Francisco

Written by Joe Martin

May 8, 2007 | 11:30

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This weekend was an exciting time if you happen to be a theatre-loving geek in San Francisco as the new game themed play, First Person Shooter: The Play, premiered over there recently.

The play is about a start-up computer game company that launches into the limelight after making the most gruesome and violent game on the market. We won't spoil anything, but it inevitably goes wrong after the game is blamed for a schoolyard shooting.

Of course, such a preposterous thing would never happen in real life, would it...

The show was written by Aaron Loeb, former journalist for IGN. Loeb says the main goal of the show was to " show the "controversy" to be the inhuman and immoral boondoggle that it is. That we respond to something so horrible as a school shooting by trying to figure out a quick and easy blame-based sound-bite ("videogames did it" or "bullying caused it") is horrifying. In the face of these tragedies we need to talk more, not less."

It's an admirable effort to be sure and, given the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech and the foolish attempts of some campaigners to pin blame on computer game developers early on, it couldn't come at a better time.

"Ultimately, I hope people who see the play will, if they don't already, start questioning Dr. Phil's motives when he rushes out to say "videogames did it." I hope that they will ask, "Is this really what we should be talking about now?" Aaron said to Kotaku today.

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