Fallout 3 rights purchased by Bethesda...

Written by Joe Martin

April 13, 2007 | 15:09

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It's not been a secret that Bethesda, maker of the massive Oblivion, have been working on Fallout 3 for a while, but it seems as if the stakes have been upped recently.

Where as Bethesda was originally licensing Fallout 3 from Interplay, it has now decided it wants to purchase the rights completely shelling out $5.75 million for the IP rights on the 9th of April this year.

Meanwhile, because of the switch in property rights, the original owners are now licensing the rights to a Fallout MMO from Bethesda with some tight deadlines laid down in the contract regarding release dates.

Interplay has also agreed it must gather an investment of at least $30 million for their MMO, or they face forfeiting the license to the property they just sold.

For those that aren't immediately familiar with the Fallout series (shame on you) the original RPG and it's sequel were regarded as landmarks in their genre and regularly feature high on 'Top 10' lists. The series is often praised for its 50's style portrayal of a post-apocalyptic America.

Many Fallout fans remain nervous of how Bethesda will handle the development of the new sequel, though it insists it is committed to keeping the feel of the original games.

Anyone wanting to know the intricacies of the deal would do best to pop along to No Mutants Allowed to read a breakdown of the agreement.

Think Bethesda can't handle such a classic project, or are you looking forward to what a modern Fallout can offer? Either way, waltz on over to the forums and tell us what you think!
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