Forgot to pre-order your PS3? You still can!

Written by Brett Thomas

March 21, 2007 | 09:43

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Does everyone remember how the Wii launch went in the UK? You couldn't pre-order with a guarantee for more than a month before the actual product launch. Many people both in the States and in the EU still can't get a hold of the elusive console. And now, with the PS3 launch merely days away, we're happy to say you won't find the same problem.

That's right, several High Street chains are still offering PS3 pre-orders with a guarantee for launch day, which is only this Friday (March 23rd). And for once, this isn't a knock on Sony - the issue isn't a lack of pre-orders, but a well-supplied launch. Sony is stocking the EU with 1 million consoles for Friday, and 300,000 of those units are dedicated to the UK. Retailers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

To put that 300,000 in perspective, Nintendo sold only 105,000 units on its first weekend in the UK before stock ran out. Though official release figures have not been disclosed by Ninty, one could easily expect that this is all the units that were available. One retailer drew a comparison between the 25 units provided by Sony versus the two given by Nintendo.

Pre-order figures for the PS3 have been quite successful according to several retailers, in fact more successful than the Wii. At least a part of that may be because of the wider availability of units - the ability to guarantee you're getting one makes the pre-order process a little easier to swallow. Particularly when there are some people still waiting on their Wii!

If you're interested in grabbing a console on launch day, it's still recommended that you go pre-order beforehand - just to make sure you've got one with your name on it. However, by the sound of it the launch should be pretty smooth sailing.

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