Gamers plan to buy their flailing MMO

Written by Ryan Garside

December 4, 2006 | 10:32

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What do you do when your favourite online role playing game is about to be shut down? Band together with loads of your fellow gamers to raise the capital to buy it out, of course. That is exactly what gamers are planning to do with online only game Ryzom.

Ryzom, an MMO that fuses fantasy with science-fiction, is currently owned by the French studio Nevrax. The failing game has forced Nevrax into receivership which has sparked up The Free Ryzom Campaign.

The campaigners, who have managed to collect €60,000, hope to buy the source code for the game. They would then make it openly available so that fans could then create more content, similar in some ways to Second Life. Founder of the campaign, Xavier Antoviaque, told the BBC:

"The game won't change, its more the way people will use it. Rather than just consuming the game, everyone will be able to contribute to it."

The future of the game will be decided later today, when a Judge rules whether the company has to go into liquidation or not. If, as is expected, the Judge rules that the company must sell off its assets then The Free Ryzom Campaign will be able to pick the code up for €10,000. Where the other €50,000 will go is anybody's guess. If the code has more than one bidder though this case could end up as a bidding war, if other developers want to own the code the price could go as high as hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Are there too many MMOs in the world? Or is this a genuinely worthy cause? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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