St Hillary of Clinton Jumps on GTA:SA bandwagon

Written by Jason Cundall

July 14, 2005 | 16:05

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What with all the recent hoo-har over the ESRBs shaming by a Californian politician into an investigation into GTA:SA over the Hot Coffee Mod, It was only a matter of time before other outraged political types joined in - especially if they're wanting to stand for President in 2008, and need all the publicity they can get:

Senator Hillary Clinton has stepped into the controversy over sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The senator wants the US Federal Trade Commission to find out who put the explicit material in the game.

The US Entertainment Software Rating Board is already investigating GTA maker Rockstar over the matter.

Rockstar has denied that it included the graphic content in San Andreas and has instead accused hackers of altering the code.

More from the BBC here.

Who's next to show their moral indignity over a game they probably never even heard of until this week, and didn't really care about until there was the possibility of some column inches and air time?

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