Medieval 2 demo released

Written by Ryan Garside

October 12, 2006 | 10:52

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It might have slipped under the radar for some of you but the latest Total War game, Medieval 2, has recently popped out a pretty tasty demo for you all to get your hands on. We spent some time playing through the demo and here are our impressions:

The demo lets you have a look at a few aspects of the game. The first thing I clicked on was a movie about the campaign map. For many it is this element, not the actual real-time fighting, that actually poses the most interest. The movie is an extended trailer of sorts showing everything that the game has to offer. Most interestingly look out for the Aztecs and their pyramids right at the end of the movie; I look forward to conquering those savages!

The other three options are a tutorial menu, that does exactly what one would expect and then two historical battles. The Battle of Pavia and the Battle of Agincourt. The battles are very similar in style to previous Total War games – no bad thing considering how well they were received.

Most of you will be interested in the graphical options and thankfully, the demo offers you the chance to tinker. If you’re a bit worried that your rig won’t be able to run this game (and it’s going to require a pretty hefty system to run it on full in the larger battles) then definitely check out the demo and run a few tests.

At the highest settings the game certainly looks like an improvement over its predecessors – with the most notable feature being the more realistic individual battles that go on at ground level. The game is due out around the end of November so stay tuned for our review around that time.

If you want the demo grab it here from Fileshack, then let us know your impressions over in the forums.
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