Molyneux fires warning about Wii controller

Written by Ryan Garside

August 23, 2006 | 11:11

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Peter Molyneux, the legendary game designer responsible for games like Populous, Theme Park and The Movies, has issued a warning to future games designers regarding the new motion sensing control pads - that gamers may be too lazy to use them!

In a speech made at this week's big gaming event in Leipzig, the creator of Black & White warned developers that the new technology needs to be used in an innovative way. That the laziness inherent in games would need to be preserved to keep gaming popular:

"I've realised I'm an incredibly lazy person when I play games, and actually slouching back on the sofa, playing on my beer belly, is my most comfortable position. When I have to get up, it's painful. I make noises and start grunting."

Molyneux expanded on the point by stating that although the idea behind playing a sword game with a Wii controller sounds cool - you actually look rather stupid doing it. What's more Molyneux found things get tiring really quick when swinging your arm round imitating Zelda.

Molyneux told a story of how they had played with a glove peripheral as an add on for Black & White, but said that the amount of extra energy required to use it had left the tester "grey", claiming it was the equivalent of some kind of Japanese torture device.

Molyneux hasn't totally abandoned the idea of motion sensing controllers, he claims the innovative way the DS Lite utilises interactivity provides a beacon for the future:

"How we are going to change games - it's not the obvious solution, it's clearly more subtle. I think the DS proves that. What I've found really fascinating is not using [the DS stylus] to scribble with, but using it in a very clever, innovational way."

We're inclined to disagree with Molyneux on this one, perhaps with the introduction of physically strenuous games; gamers will become fitter and more healthy. Of course we always encourage innovation amongst games developers and with the new Wii controller we are sure to see some startling things in the coming months.

What do you make of Molyneux's comments? Could the Wii controller end up being a flop? Let us know your views over in the forums.
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