More Fallout 3 details revealed

Written by Joe Martin

May 9, 2007 | 10:46

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Bethesda is starting to dish out the dirt on the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3 now and if you listen carefully then you'll be able to hear several bit-tech staff members actually squeal in anticipation.

As well as releasing a new piece of concept art for the game, which shows a recently destroyed Washington D.C., news has arisen of who will play the 'lead role' in the game.

Ireland's favourite geek pleaser, Liam Neeson, will be playing the role of the player's father in the game and will possibly be providing narration to the title as well. Although Neeson has secured his place in the hearts of gamers everywhere with roles as Qui-gon Jin in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Rah's al Ghul in Batman Begins many fans are still hoping that the previous narrator, Ron Perlman, will still have a role.

Perlman has also attracted quite a cult following among geeks, not only did he play Hellboy in the moderately awful film of the same name but he also introduced the first Fallout game with the classic line; "War. War never changes."

Neeson gave a standard quote in his press release; "It's been a pleasure bringing the father to life and working with the wonderfully talented people at Bethesda on Fallout 3. I hope the fans of the franchise and the game will be excited by the results."

The Official Fallout 3 site is also running a countdown timer which marks the days until the new teaser trailer is released.

Fans are concerned that Bethesda will gloss over the adult themes of the original Fallout games, but Bethesda has been assuring everyone that they too are fans of the franchise and will stay true to the grim setting of the original.

Are you worried about how the game is shaping up or are you willing to give it a chance to prove itself? Let us know in our radiation-shielded forums.
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