No Xbox 360 price drop before Christmas

Written by Ryan Garside

June 27, 2006 | 13:04

Tags: #360 #price-drop

Companies: #microsoft

An interesting blog post popped up late last week from a John Pocaro, a Microsoft PR manager, that claims those of us who are holding off buying an Xbox 360 in the hope that the price will drop later this year are waiting in vain.

The article, entitled 'What Are You Waiting For?' encourages us consumers to stop waiting and start buying, emphasising that for the small price of $299 we can purchase a piece of the next generation. However, before you are sucked completely in by the software giant's marketing spin, allow me to remind you that for the price you receive the budget console with hardly any of the goodies that really make the 360 desirable.

The fact that the 360 won't be lowering its price will certainly please Sony executives who feared that the combination of a reduced price tag and the release of the awesome looking Gears of War could overshadow the launch of their own console. The Playstation 3 will still be more expensive than its closest rival but the gap won't be as wide as the internet rumour mongers initially predicted.

Do you think Microsoft is making a mistake by not reducing the console's price? Or perhaps you think the 360 provides good value for money? Either way, let us know your thoughts on Microsoft's marketing schemes over in the forum.
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