PS3 has 40 downloadable games in development

Written by Ryan Garside

November 3, 2006 | 12:26

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Phil Harrison has recently underlined his intention to make the Playstation 3's online store the most attractive of the next-generation by promising to bring over 40 titles to the downloadable platform.

In an interview with ThreeSpeech he said:

“We’re developing about 40 products that fit that strategy right now. We showed the very first one of those, called flOw, at the Tokyo Game Show for the first time. That got a really, really good response. My strategy was to encourage developers to push the machine technically, creatively, artistically - to innovate in lots of different ways. But don’t be restricted by ghettoising games into a particular genre, or a particular display mechanic, because what we’ve seen on other systems tend to be retro 2D games, and we’re pushing the 3D capabilities of the PlayStation 3. Plus, the fact that every PS3 has a hard disc drive means that we’re not restricted by the size of the download, and that has a huge impact on the kind of game design that you can do.”

Harrison highlights Sony's desire to encourage innovation drawing similarities between the ideas that inspired Playstation 1 games and the upcoming downloadable content:

"We’re seeing an emerging strength in developers creating games specifically for downloadable content. We’re seeing that as a really interesting way of stimulating creativity, experimentation… And it makes me feel as excited about the games that we saw at the beginning of PS1, when there was a lot of really interesting innovation happening in the marketplace. I think we’ll see that on PlayStation 3 as well.”

In other Sony related news things aren't so positive for us Europeans. Reghardware is reporting that now Lik Sang has been successfully put out of business the company will stock the Playstation 3 in both Honk-Kong and Taiwan come 17 November. Poor old Europe will have to wait until March.

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