PS3 can't upscale?

Written by Brett Thomas

November 16, 2006 | 16:35

Tags: #ps3

Companies: #sony

There have been some interesting reports about the queues for the PS3, but even more interesting have been some of the packages that are offered. Due to the high demand, many retailers have begun to sell "package deals," with CompUSA going so far as requiring the purchase of a 40" or larger Sony HDTV if you want your mitts on a PS3. But what if you already had one? might wish to check your specs on it. It appears that the system prefers 720p for a resolution, which many older HDTVs don't support. Many of those are instead in 1080i...which, interestingly enough, it appears the PS3 is not too comfortable with. And rather than upscaling the game from its 720p format, it instead plays it at standard-def.

The issue was discovered by a gamer playing the title Resistance, who wrote to its developer, Insomniac, in the game's forums. The company replied to the rather dismayed player by saying, "This isn't our fault guys - we were set to support it." Nothing further has been said by either Insomniac or Sony.

Before 720p became a truly popular inclusion late last year, most HDTVs supported only 480i, 480p, and 1080i - including many of Sony's own models. Therefore, this little "oversight" might ruffle quite a few feathers. However, it does make CompUSA's deal seem a whole lot smarter...

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