PS3 dissection video

Written by Ryan Garside

November 13, 2006 | 11:22

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People have queued for hours, fought with one another and even hired the homeless to stand in line to secure they get their Playstation 3 come the launch in the last few days. It would appear people are even willing to pay $1200 to get their grubby little mitts on Sony's black box of wonders. It's safe to say that Japan has gone Playstation crazy and in the midst of all this a few crazy tech guys have decided to take the Playstation 3 to pieces and film it, don't they know how much money they could make?

The videos (which can be viewed in the order they were shot below) show the technicians delicately take the Playstation 3 completely apart, accompanied by the shrieks of an excited female camera-woman. The guys take the whole thing to pieces and then, not satisfied with just disembowelling one of the most sought after pieces of technology in the world, they go to work on taking the controller apart too.

For those of you looking forward to the European launch in March then this could be a scenario you find yourself in in the not too distant future. Joystiq report that the PS3 manual includes details on how to replace the hard-disk drive as well as the battery. These procedures appear fairly technical and its interesting to see that opening up your Sony components won't void your warranty.

For those of you not satisfied with the movies there is also a site full of pictures of the PS3 gutted. If the insides of the PS3 aren't your bag then Gizmodo has posted a video detailing the various options in the PS3 interface. If you like the PSP interface then you'll like this and if not.... well, stick with your 360.

Will you be taking a look at the insides of the Playstation 3? Let us know in the forums.

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