PS3 games to cost over £50?

Written by Ryan Garside

September 26, 2006 | 12:09

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The web is awash with news emanating from the Tokyo Games Show that PS3 games will cost a whopping $100 – that's £52 to me and you!

The news, which comes translated from IGN, reports that Japanese Impress Watch site has cited "multiple information sources" that claim the game titles will be more expensive. Currently the Xbox 360 has the most expensive games, they can sometimes reach £44.99, but the 360 has games that are sold for as low as £17.99. Of course Nintendo is shouting about its low price Wii games and the PC has for a long time offered the cheapest gaming alternative.

However, before the Sony bashing reaches a crescendo once again, let's have a look at the reasons for this pricing scheme. Sony has had problems with development studios, which has lead to delays in release dates. The knock on effect is that Sony is now going to concentrate on keeping the cost of the PS3 low – focusing on the 20GB model rather than the 60GB. Whether this means the price of the PS3 will come down, or simply that Sony belives the PS3 is already pretty good value for money remains to be seen.

Sony's hope is that the 'low price' of its console will encourage people to put up with the high price of the games. Who should you be angry with? Well, in truth the problem lies partly with developers, who are probably finding the complex nature of Sony's eight core architecture a more expensive proposition to develop games for than either the 360 or Wii.

Some people may argue that the price point is only a small increase over what we are currently paying for console games, and that the added power the PS3 will provide you with justifies that. My feeling is that some significance should be attached to games possibly costing over £50 – that's a tank of petrol, a pair of designer jeans or two weeks worth of food for one person. The significance of this small price jump, pushing it over the 'half-a-hundred-quid' mark, could be another deciding factor on the success of the console in Britain.

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