PS3 sold for $0.99

Written by Ryan Garside

November 23, 2006 | 14:23

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For those of you angered by people queuing up for the Playstation 3 and then selling it on for a profit I bring you a rather entertaining yarn.

It starts with a young man from Boston, who waited in his local BestBuy line for 40 hours to ensure he got hold of his Playstation 3 come release day. Once he secured his purchase he quickly ran home and jumped on eBay. So desperate was he to make his Playstation 3 stand out form the crowd on the auction floor he had also bought a whole host of games, an extra controller as well as a free 2 year warranty worth $100. The package he offered looked pretty tasty.

It really was looking good for ebayer kusakay - 26 positive feedbacks and the chance to earn an absolute fortune, all just for standing in a queue for 40 hours. However, kusakay made a mistake and instead of putting the Playstation 3 up for auction for $0.99 he clicked the 'buy it now' button. As would be imagined the kit, worth over $1,000, was swiftly snapped up by a buyer called geeqnastie. All for less than a measly dollar.

If this isn't a hoax then no doubt the Playstation 3 will actually end up 'stolen' before it can be posted when the fool realises his mistake. Either way it just highlights what stupidity/lack of sleep can actually do to you. You have been warned.

Check the auction out for yourself here then have a laugh with the rest of us in the forums.
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