PSP gets official browser and colour makeover

Written by Jason Cundall

July 21, 2005 | 15:30

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Companies: #sony

Sony are set to release an official web browser for the PSP in a software update available next week. The new software also adds support for MPEG4 video. At the same time, Sony have announced a white version of the handheld uber console:

Sony Computer Entertainment will release a system software update for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) next week that will add several new functions to the handheld gaming device, including browse the Internet and download TV programs, the company said Thursday.

Chief among the additions to version 2.0 of the software will be a Web browser. Accessible from the PSP's main menu, the browser supports HTML 4.01 and will allow access to most Web sites.

The PSP already has a wireless LAN for online gaming and for downloading software from the Internet, but Sony hasn't officially allowed users to browse the Web. However, users quickly found a way to exploit a Web browser included in the "Wipeout Pure" game to enable access to Web sites. Instructions for doing this can be found easily on the Internet, but the software update will make Web browsing both official and much easier.

More from PCWorld here.

Do you already browse the web on your PSP? Are you reading bit as I type on your portable? And what do you think of the new colour? Let us know in the news forum.
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