Sims set to Spore

Written by Jason Cundall

May 26, 2005 | 13:29

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Will Wright, the brains behind the ever popular Sims series of games has set his sights a little higher for his next game. The premise is simple - take your amoebas and nurture the little blighter's through evolutionary twists and turns until such time they're an all conquering star-faring race of uber-beings:

Will Wright made his name in the games industry with the computer simulation game SimCity.

When it launched in 1989, SimCity became a huge hit with players who wanted to do more with their games.

Mr Wright went on to create The Sims in 2000, which let players run the lives of virtual people.

It quickly became the best-selling PC game of all time and opened up a different understanding of what a game was and how real life itself was much like a game.

With Spore, Mr Wright is taking this idea one step further, by developing a title based on the evolution of life.

"I want to allow people to create their own world," he said during a demonstration of the game, Spore, at the E3 games Expo.

More from the BBC.

Sounds like a cross between Populus and the Sims, with a bit of Civilisation / Alpha Centuri for good measure. It'll be interesting to see how this ambitious game pans out, as other 'big' God games have tried (for example. Black and White), and whilst they where initially impressive, they ultimately disappointed.

Do you think it'll be a hit? or will it be just one big spore? Let us know here.
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