Sony's Station Exchange is big hit

Written by Jason Cundall

August 25, 2005 | 13:15

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Getting bored of your level 50 Half Elf uber Paladin with the spiffy War Steed and +2 Blade of Cuisinart? Strapped for cash too? Well, why not put him on the auction block, and sell him for some real-life cash! Frowned upon by the Big S, you say... Perhaps it once was, but not anymore:

If you play the online game "Everquest II" and happen to have an extra Iksar (Fury)/Level-50 Sage character you don't need, you could soon be $2,000 richer.

That's how much one EQ2 player got for the powerful, nature-controlling, ancient-language-proficient, reptilian character on Station Exchange, Sony Online Entertainment's official auction system for the game's virtual currency, characters and weapons.

And judging by the results of Station Exchange's first 30 days of operation, during which the system saw more than $180,000 in transactions, quite a number of EQ2 players have cashed in on the exchange, which allows gamers to trade real cash for virtual items used in the game.

More from here.

I bet the site's blocked by the Bamboo Firewall...

But besides that - who in their right mind would part with $2000 for a character in an online game? Are these people mad, or just well healed individuals that can't be bothered to put the time and effort into developing a character? Will this make 'farming' in Everquest more prevalent, as people try and make a real-life living out of selling digital do-dads to the Everquestonians that are willing to shell out for them?

Let us know what you think of Sony's move in the news forum. Just check those weapons at the door, OK? Oh - and leave the serving wench alone...
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