Spore delayed until next year

Written by Joe Martin

May 9, 2007 | 12:08

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Not good news for PC gamers today. Not only has the Vista exclusive version of Halo 2 been delayed, but EA has also let slip that Will Wright's Spore will also be delayed again. Possibly by a whole year.

Spore is the pet project of Will 'Master of all things Sim' Wright. It allows player's to control the development of an alien species from creation to extinction. Players begin protecting single cells and absorbing new genetic traits, with the game view constantly expanding until players can control the entire civilisation of the alien race they built.

The creature editor of Spore was showcased at E3 a while back by Robin Williams.

Though the game was originally planned for a release during late 2006 it was pushed back to March 2007. Will Wright then admitted during interviews that the game would be out towards the end of 2007.

EA hasn't included Spore in its fiscal year plans for March 31, 2008 however. This means Spore might not be with us until next April at the earliest.

Will Wright has a tendency for making good games though, so considering the potential magnitude Spore may cover we're willing to let him slip back a little more. For now.

So, is Spore going to see a release any time soon and will it be worth the wait, or will it just be vapourware like that other game that isn't ever going to be released. Tell us what you think over in the forums.
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