Valve to change Counter-Strike pistols

Written by Ryan Garside

December 11, 2006 | 09:54

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We predicted, in our ‘Declining State of Counter-Strike’ article, that the proposed dynamic weapons price system would not work in Counter-Strike: Source. At bit-tech we don’t like to say ‘We told you so’ but feel, after a recent statement from Valve about the flailing system, that we should. They recently said this:

It's been six weeks now since the community's purchase habits began driving the pricing of weapons in Counter-Strike: Source. As many of you have probably noticed, the price of the Desert Eagle has been increasing steadily and is now somewhat out of control. This is happening because the Desert Eagle is considerably more useful than the rest of the pistols -- purchasing one of the others is not a smart buy. We'll address this by making the Five Seven, P228, and Dual Elites more effective. The prices of all pistols have been reset to their previous defaults in preparation for this change.

So, it looks like Valve has realised that no matter how cheap they make the crappy weapons in CS:S, people just won’t want to play with them. As a big CS fan I can safely say I’d rather just stop playing than have to contend with shooting the awful MAC-10. Obviously other gamers feel the same, and so the price of the popular weapons hasn’t levelled out, but just increased more and more.

What I really find laudable are the ‘Hot Bargain’ advertisements. Right now they have an advertisement saying “A run on Assault Suit buying has caused a significant price drop on the Nightvision Goggles. Outfit your militia force today and save big.” The problem is, nobody ever buys the Nightvision Goggles because they are completely unnecessary. Expense has nothing to do with it. Unsurprisingly, the Goggles are predicted to go down from $406 to $65 at the next change.

So, will the revised weapons shake things up? That completely depends on how Valve approaches it. Currently the starting pistols for both terrorists and counter-terrorists are fairly powerful. If you’re to entice people to buy other pistols you’ll have to make them better than the ones you start with. It’s a move in the right direction for Valve but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this whole dynamic pricing system scrapped early 2007.

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