Wii producing full-body aches

Written by Brett Thomas

November 28, 2006 | 14:24

Tags: #wii

Companies: #nintendo

So, how's your physical shape?

If this sounds like a strange question to be asking on a game site, there's a reason for it. We geeks are not exactly known for our incredible physical prowess - and that seems to be a problem for some with the Wii. Gamers across the US are already complaining of aches, pains, and even injuries due to the console.

A term was coined a generation ago - "Nintendo Thumb." That wonderful predecessor to carpal tunnel syndrome is finally outdated thanks to the Wii's new control. However, the Wiimote (particularly with Wii Sports) has its own problem - it actually makes people get up and move. Therefore, people in rather poor physical condition are burning calories and straining muscles that they didn't even know they had before now.

Workouts are apparently not the only issue with the Wii - collisions seem to be an occasional occurance, too. One man knocked his soon-to-be-wife in the head during a particularly spirited session of Wii Sports. Other casualties have included lamps, walls, the Wiimote itself (sometimes with the wall), and family pets.

Of course, it probably won't hurt most of us to get off our duffs...but please, stretch before you Wii.

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