400,000 Wiis sold on Japanese launch day

Written by Ryan Garside

December 4, 2006 | 09:39

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Nintendo has experienced a successful, and relatively painless, launch day for its new Wii console in Japan. Despite the company's claims it sold 400,000 consoles there were still a few people who went home empty handed.

One Kotaku journalist was lucky enough to get his hands on a Wii despite suffering from a cold. He chronicled the events of the day via picture which you can see over on Kotaku. Others went even further, with the BBC reporting that one student dressed himself up as a Wiimote whilst queuing, he said: "I made this (costume) by myself yesterday. This is a homage to Nintendo."

With Nintendo already claiming it has sold 600,000 Wiis in the US, it puts the console in a dominant position for claiming the crown as 'most wanted' Christmas present. That pole position will only be strengthened by the consoles launch on December 8th in Britain.

In other Wii related news Engadget is reporting that the console has already been hacked and used to play homebrew games. Taken from the site on how to make your own component cable:

" On the component cable side, it looks like what you need to do is follow the Wii AV pinout, re-arrange the pins on an AV cable, then rewire those to a new set of cables with RCA ends; if you wire it the right way, you can even use a toggle to switch between component and composite. We're not saying it's easy, but it's not heart surgery, either."

On the homebrewing side: "You need an SD card and SD to GameCube adapter, a GameCube Action Replay pack, and some patience while you enter in a 28 line long 474 character code." Two tips for you to keep in mind when you pick up your Wii on the 8th.

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