Wii specs leaked

Written by Brett Thomas

August 1, 2006 | 16:20

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Wii've all been guessing about the possibility that the Wii is nothing more than a slightly souped-up GameCube, but the latest specs unfortunately give us no indication to the contrary.

Printed first at MaxConsole, the alleged specs illustrate a slightly overclocked GameCube with a better graphics processor and double the program RAM...hardly a groundbreaking improvement.

The "Broadway" CPU runs at 729mhz, which seems to be a 3:1 ratio over the rest of the bus...the bus from CPU to the 64MB of GDDR3 memory will run at a cool 243mhz.

The "Hollywood" graphics chip will also run at 243mhz, will have a 3MB on-die cache, and a double-speed bus to its own 'internal' main memory at 486mhz. However, there will only be 24MB of GDDR3 main memory dedicated to graphics.

The Wii will also sport a 512MB internal flash ROM for storing save-game data and downloads, though it will not contain a hard drive. As well, it should be noted that all AV outputs are analogue only...let's hope that they built in some level of AA into Hollywood, as the GameCube doesn't looks so good when scaled up to HD resolutions.

Please remember that these are not official, and Nintendo has certainly been playing some games with the Wii launch. It might not be far off to imagine the whole 'leak' is meant to confuse before the initial release. But if it's true, for all of the potential, it seems the Wii could just be a souped-up, overclocked GameCube with better graphics, a downloadable back catalogue, innovative controllers, and some awesome games. How...horrible?

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