Spawn of XBOX set for Prime-time 'Unveiling'

Written by Jason Cundall

May 12, 2005 | 20:43

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Lord of the Rings star Elijah 'I'm not a Hobbit' Woods is to host an MTV special in the US tonight (21:30 ET), in which we will get the first official looks at Microsoft's next gen console. This report from the Beeb:

Gamers will get a first look at Microsoft's new video game console in a star-studded show on MTV.

The unveiling on Thursday night in the US has been preceded by leaks, which suggest the console will be called the Xbox 360 and be mostly white.

Microsoft has not confirmed the details of the successor to the Xbox, calling the leaks "buzz and speculation".

Rivals Sony and Nintendo are expected to reveal details of their new consoles next week at the annual games show, E3.

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The show also have plenty of celebs and artistes to gush over the new uber-xbox, but that's not what you'll be watching for - the half-hour Microsoft info-mercial will prove or disprove the numerous leaked images of the new console, and hopefully we'll get to see it in action. MTV will be broadcasting the show in the following territories on Friday, at these (local) times:

Japan/Asia: 1130
UK: Friday 2000
Scandinavia: Friday 2200
Australia: Friday 1900

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