Plethora of games for XBOX 360

Written by Jason Cundall

May 17, 2005 | 13:19

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Microsoft has learned from it's mistakes, and is ensuring that it has plenty of games lined up for it's new (they hope) Sony slaying console. On the same day that the competition started it's campaign to win the hearts, minds and cash of consolenauts, Company officials announced that there are currently 160 games in the works, and 40 of them would be available by the time you can get your hands on the hardware. Redmond has also signed up Square Enix, so FF XI will be on the box as well, according to

Company representatives, speaking at a press conference leading up to this week's giant Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), also announced a partnership with Square Enix, the Japanese distributor of the "Final Fantasy" series, which has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide.

Broad game support--and especially popular titles--is significant for any console. A console, after all, gets all the more appealing as more games can be played on it.

Microsoft learned this the hard way, analysts have said, because it was late to market with its first-generation Xbox console and thus unable to build up broad title support. This time around, with wide game support for the Xbox 360, the company expects to stand a better chance against market leader Sony, to which Microsoft has been a distant No. 2 in the game console market for several years.

More here, along with a list of developers and games.

Lots and lots of games, eh? What about pricing info? Will games still cost roughly the same? Or will there be a hike in software costs to subsidise all that spanky new silicon in the beast from Redmond? Tell us your thoughts here.
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