Xbox Live Spring Update

Written by Brett Thomas

April 9, 2007 | 14:30

Tags: #360 #im #live #msn

The one thing that people keep complaining about with the Xbox 360 is surely its lack of connectivity options. I mean, after all, you can only have voice chat in-game on a system far better than most PC setups, and failing that there's that paltry little video option. No, what everyone's been really missing is the text-based communication of IM.

After all, it sounds stupid to actually say "pwn3d!" out loud...

Fortunately, Microsoft is thinking of you in its upcoming "Spring Update" rollout for the Xbox 360. The big addition? IM support via Windows Live Messenger. Now you'll be able to type to up to six people on your contact list while you game, watch video, or listen to music.

The new update will appear on Xbox 360s the week of May 7th, and is free to all Live subscribers. To help with the typing, Microsoft also mentioned it will launch a new QWERTY input device that plugs right into the controller, reminiscent of the small keyboard found on Blackberries.

Will you make use of the new service? Did you always wish you could IM people right in the middle of your gaming sessions? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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