Adventure Time creator conducts Twitter game experiment

Written by David Hing

May 23, 2014 | 10:22

Companies: #twitch #twitter

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is running a hand-drawn bespoke adventure game on his Twitter account.

Quest Attack was started by Ward with a picture of the player waking up in a cell and posing the question ‘What do you do’. He has then been drawing suggestions made by his Tiwtter followers to progress the game.

The game is still running and has so far seen players fishing rats and snakes out of a toilet and a couple of suggestions have prompted game over states.

The Twitter game is paused whenever Ward needs to do something in real life or sleep and the most recent update is that he appears to be taking a break for today, but the game is still ongoing at time of writing. The game can be followed over at [eurl= title=Twitter]Ward’s Twitter account[/eurl].

Pendleton Ward’s love of video games is evident for anyone who has seen an episode of Adventure Time. He has dabbled in game development as well and participated in Double Fine’s 2014 Amnesia Fortnight, building a prototype for a game about making friends with little pink men called Little Pink Best Buds.

Adventure Time itself has also made its way to video game adaptations with the most recent title, Finn & Jake’s Epic Quest developed by NGD Studios, launching on Steam last month.

Crowd-sourced video game playing appears to have become the next big thing and Quest Attack has a simillar feel to the recent Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon, whereby the original Gameboy edition of Pokemon was controlled by the chat window of its stream.
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